1900-1910 Ketoh Cuff of Sandcast Silver and Heishi Cut Turquoise


Silver from coin and various sources, sheet of ingot copper, heishi cut natural turquoise and saddle weight leather were used to create this handsome ketoh--or "bow guard" cuff.

Silver was smelted and poured into an impression created in sand, then filed and hand finished.  Copper framing was cut from ingot sheet.  To this backing, strips of the same sheet. were attached to each of its four corners and the entire fabrication was soldered to the back of the silver ornament face in a four directions pattern with a fifth in the center.  Following all fabrication, five (5) select heishi cut and pump drilled turquoise stones, ranging from grass to olive hues, were set in the prepared bezels. 

Through the 1/8" thick saddle leather four rectangular slots were cut for the copper loops.  As the copper was pushed through each opening, a small piece of shoe leather was wedged into the loop so that is exceeded the leather opening width, preventing each copper strap from retreating its space.  This ingenious piece of engineering simply, effectively secured the silver decoration for several generations of wear.  Only one, easily replaced, piece of leather lacing is absent on one side--after all this time.

Silver ornament is 3 5/16" X 2 1/2" X 1/4" to top of bezels.  Leather is beautifully cut to 3 3/8" front and back with an overall length of 8 1/2".

155 grams, 5.47 troy ounces


Artwork details


Navajo/ Diné



Excellent for its age, missing one leather lacing

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