Large Zuni Knifewing Men's Bracelet, c.1950s

Steve Elmore Indian Art

This large statement piece dates to the 1950s and depicts the Zuni knifewing. The knifewing is described as a warrior god, half-man and half-eagle, whose wings are comprised of "feathers" made of flint. This popular figure is often depicted on Zuni jewelry, and along with the Rainbow Man figure, was most often seen on Zuni inlay jewelry beginning in the late 1910s.


This classic example of Zuni craftsmanship has turquoise, jet, and shell inlay held in place with sawtooth bezels. Hand-hammered silver raindrops accentuate the inlaid knifewing figure, with silver fans on either side. The bracelet itself is comprised of three shanks. The bracelet measures 3 5/8" height, and 6" on the inside, with a 1 1/2" opening, perfect for a 7 1/2" wrist. 


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