Andres Moraga

ANDRES MORAGA, located in the San Francisco Bay Area,  has an international reputation as a dealer in rare textiles from Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania and South America. Outstanding textiles from the Congo traditions (notably early Kuba textiles and Mbuti paintings on barkcloth); West Africa (including Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali); and the Berber peoples of North Africa are a particular focus. Tutsi basketry from Rwanda/Burundi,  among a diverse selection of decorative and sculptural objects, ritual headdresses, beadwork, adornment and jewelry from many world cultures, are also offered.


Our catalogues featuring a selection of these works of art are available to view online at Please join our mailing list at and request a PDF copy of recent and past publications: African Textiles (2023), Mbuti Paintings (2020), The Artistry of the Tutsi Basket (2019) and African Textile Art (2019) 



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