Ari Maslow / Wild Spirit Trading Post

As a second generation collector and purveyor of Indigenous North American Art, I know the importance of value and livability when building a master Legacy Collection or simply adorning your life with a piece of art that you love. And it all begins with education. 

At the Wild Spirit Trading Post our goal is to provide the knowledge, variety and provenance that your collecting deserves. Whether you are building a Legacy Collection to share with your family for multiple generations to appreciate, or just want to add a single piece of artwork to your world, I will take the time to help you make the most infomed decision possible.

Specializing in Indgenous North American basketry, textiles, jewelry, pottery and stonework is both an honor and privilage, one for which the greatest gift is celebrating the artist, the cultural heritage, and the natural environment from which the materials came.

As a Full Member of ADATA, it is always first and formost to understand the law, the culture and the importance of Best Practices.

Please inquire about educational material and shipping details (not all prices include shipping). Personal delivery can be arranged for specific items and regions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mill Valley, CA


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