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George Hegarty spent his life long career as a full-time academic at ten universities and other educational institutions around the world. This includes living in Africa (West, Central, and East) and Asia (Southeast and East), where the majority of objects in this sale originated.  Seven of these academic years were on Fulbright grants in Africa.  As a professor, he taught, researched, published, and exhibited tribal art. His interdisciplinary doctorate included a dissertation (1978) on the literary theme of art forgery. He has curated twenty-one mutually exclusive exhibitions of tribal art at several universities, solely of objects from his personal collection.  


In his early years, George obtained his first authentic tribal art objects in the fifties as a school boy, first purchased from markets in Africa in the sixties as a college student on his junior year abroad, continued collecting art while living in an African village as a Peace Corps volunteer by 1970, bought art in the seventies as a permanent resident of Australia when New Guinea was its territory, and began informal trading by 1980. For over a half century, he has aggressively visited museums, galleries, and markets on every inhabited continent. Since 1980 especially his collecting has increased voluminously during his international career living in eleven countries on five continents. Today, his tribal art collection consists of well over two thousand objects, which he enjoys sharing with others.

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