Chinalai Tribal Antiques, Ltd.

Chinalai Tribal Antiques, Ltd. started over forty years ago. Although we registered our business in 1980, we already had been buying and selling tribal antiques in Bahrain for nearly five years before that, and in Thailand before Bahrain. Our clients have included museums, corporations, designers and private collectors throughout the world. 


Passion and a quest for knowledge about the artifacts we find and the people and communities who created them have led us to research and write articles, to curate exhibits, and to give presentations. It has been our pleasure to experience a mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge with our customers and friends.


We will miss seeing you all in person this year but hope you will enjoy our virtual show selections.


Photographs: Chadri Chinalai with Sean Colgan; Dhani Spinola

52 Woodville Road Shoreham, NY 11786


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