Dave DeRoche - Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas

Nearly 50 years after Dave DeRoche fell in love with African and Pre-Columbian art, he still feels compelled to offer pieces and collections to younger generations of avid collectors, dealers, some favorite old clients, and museums, colleges and foundations. Dave is still active in advising, representing, and selling for old collections, estates, heirs, and old client friends.

Dave DeRoche has:

   *  Advised museums and served on museum advisory boards

   *  Appraised

   *  Authenticated

   *  Been profiled in the business section of the San Francisco Chronicle

   *  Bought and sold more than 12,000 authentic examples of tribal art

   *  Conceived and produced seminars, panel discussions, and lectures

   *  Curated exhibitions

   *  Given 120 lectures on African art to students

   *  Hosted a walk-in public gallery for 17 years in downtown San Francisco, with theme exhibitions, sales, lectures for nonprofits, and memorable receptions

   *  Lectured to seven museums on Fakery & Authenticity in African Art

   *  Represented innumerable old private collections and placed their treasures in younger          collections and in institutions

   *  Served as a consultant to eight auction houses

   *  Sold and loaned art objects to museums and exhibitions

Dave continues to consult, advise, display and sell from his home in Piedmont, with the aid of his wife and CFO, Nancy. Come see us!

2083 Oakland Ave Piedmont, CA 94611 USA gallerydavederoche@gmail.com


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