Stephenson African Art

James Stephenson is a leading expert on the art of Africa. James speaks fluent Swahili, and has written several books about his experiences. “The Language of the Land: Living Among the Hadzabe in Africa”, was published by St. Martin’s Press 2000.“Jitu the Fisherman”, a book about the Makonde people, will be published Fall 2022.

James’ experiences in the field combined with his work for the BBC, The Travel Channel, and his academic research has given him a comprehensive perspective. He is also very much involved in the art scene in New York City. He is the founder of the tribal antique show MATA. James is a member of Tribal Art Society in Brussels and World Art Society. James frequently serves as a consultant for collectors and has sat on numerous vetting committees for international tribal art exhibitions. Recently, UNESCO, having analyzed James’s career, knowledge, and contribution to the promotion and celebration of African Art and heritage, officially invited James Stephenson to be an author in “Africa in the UNESCO Art Collection,” published November 2021.

42 Strong Place, Brooklyn, NY 112311


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