American Indian Antique Art and Southwest Native Originals

As a young boy I was enthralled with the western landscape and Native American culture and arts. For 40 years, I have studied and been awed by Native American culture and arts, especially the Navajo and Pueblo People. That passion continued during my professional career that was focused on improving national environmental policies and protecting special western public lands, ecosystems, and cultural and historical resources as National Parks and Monuments, Wilderness, Wild and Scenic Rivers, etc. 

         Historic Navajo weaving, historic Pueblo pottery, and  Navajo and Pueblo jewelry have been special passions, with intense interest in Plains beadwork and Native American basketry. In 1994, we joined ATADA with the business name “American Indian Antique Art”. Ever since we have participated in Native American antique art shows while promoting the highest ethical and authenticity standards.  On the gallery, we are “American Indian Antique Art” or Terry Sopher. is our online gallery providing gallery-quality, guaranteed Native American arts.

WE BUY COLLECTIONS.  In person by appointment only.  Antique American Indian Art [ or, Terry Sopher]

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Instagram:  #Navajo Weaving Art

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Washington, DC metropolitan area by appointment only. Instagram: Southwest Native Originals. Instagram: Navajo Weaving Art. FaceBook: Southwest Native Originals or SW Native Originals. Search: American Indian Antique Art or, Terry Sopher


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